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Lionel Sanders blasts indoor 5K after swim and bike

The triathlete and former long-distance runner averages just over 3:00 per K for 5K after an all-out swim and bike

Lionel Sanders

Former university cross-country and track runner Lionel Sanders can still crank out a fast 5K.

The accomplished triathlete who placed second at the 2017 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii raced at a low-key event in Hamilton on Sunday. As an outdoor triathlon is a bit unreasonable during the winter in southern Ontario, McMaster University hosted an indoor triathlon, consisting of a pool swim, stationary bike and indoor track run.

Competitors have 15 minutes to cover as much distance as possible on the swim, bike and run legs. Sanders, of Windsor, Ont., covered 1,230m in the pool, then averaged 419 watts on the bike and closed off the triathlon with a 15:20 5,000m, on an indoor non-banked 200m track, according to the results.


Watch Sanders’s post-race interview over at triathlonmagazine.ca.

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