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Logan Paul gets shamed by Toronto Argonaut in 100m race

Donald De La Haye, aka the YouTuber Deestroyer, put the field to shame with his 10.8s 100m yesterday

Donald De La Haye, a kicker on the Toronto Argonauts practice squad, put Logan Paul in his place at Paul’s Challenger Games 100m race in California yesterday, winning in an impressive 10.8 seconds. De La Haye, who was born in Costa Rica and attended high school land college in Florida, is also the YouTuber known as Deestroying, with has 1.6 million followers. De La Haye has already added the title “fastest man on the Internet” to his Instagram bio.

Paul pulled up lame right at the gun in the first heat, and fellow YouTuber Yousef Erakat, aka Fousey, took a tumble in the next lane and could not recover. Paul’s younger brother, Jake Paul, won the second heat despite a terrible start, and De La Haye won the third and final heat easily in 11 seconds.


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Back in march, Paul, who competed in wrestling and football in high school, posted on Instagram offering $20,000 to anyone who could beat him in a race. Olympian 800m runner Nick Symmonds responded, but nothing happened. Paul then raised the stakes to $100,000, with the money to be donated to the winner’s charity of choice, and a date was set. The rest is Internet history.