London Marathon back-of-packers to get free entry in 2020

Anyone with a finishing time of 7 hours or longer has been offered free entry next year

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The final finishers at the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon, some of whom claimed they were ridiculed by the people packing up water stations, are being rewarded with free entry into the 2020 marathon.

According to a BBC News report, many complained to the race organizers, and the race has responded with free entry to the 2020 marathon for anyone with a finishing time of 7:00:00 or more. According to race results, 427 women and 202 men are affected.

Liz Ayres, who says she was a 7:30 pace bunny (the longest pace bunny time offered), is reported to have complained that walkers in her group were told to “hurry up” by people packing up the course.

Courtesy of Paofit

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In addition to the free entries, the marathon has said it will instruct contractors to begin cleanup operations later, adjust timing of water station shut-downs where necessary, and have staff positioned behind the final walker to monitor things.

The 2019 event had 42,549 finishers in total. The 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon will take place on Sunday, April 26, 2020.