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Lululemon and SeaWheeze introduce new virtual 10K race

Runners can now choose between racing the SeaWheeze Half Marathon or a 10K for this year's virtual event

Photo by: lululemon

Lululemon announced on Monday that the SeaWheeze Half Marathon will now include a 10K option for any runners looking to race who aren’t into the idea of running 21K. The half-marathon and 10K are both virtual events this year, and they will be open to anyone around the world. In addition, participants can receive an eight-week training program specifically geared toward the 10K (there’s also a 14-week plan for the half-marathon). Participants have from August 15 to 23 to complete their runs and upload to Strava, and registration is open until the final day of the event. 

SeaWheeze runs 

The SeaWheeze Half Marathon is normally set in Vancouver in Stanley Park, but this year it had to go 100 per cent virtual due to COVID-19. Runners can sign up for the half or the new 10K option for US$28. During the competition window from August 15 to 23, participants can run wherever they like, whether that’s indoors on the treadmill, at a track, on trails or on the road. Take whatever route you prefer on the terrain of your choice. All finishers will receive an official SeaWheeze finisher medal. 

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Training plan 

A 14-week half-marathon training plan was released for the virtual run in May, and although the race is now just eight weeks away, the plan is still available on the SeaWheeze website. For those interested in running the 10K event, the eight-week program is also available for free online

Photo: lululemon

Both training plans were designed by Rob Watson, who is a lululemon global ambassador. He’s also a 1:03:22 half-marathoner, 2:13:29 marathoner and coach at Mile2Marathon, so he certainly knows how to design an effective training plan.