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Marathon Investigation site defies Honolulu Marathon by publishing full results

The guy who lives to expose marathon cheaters has published a link to the Honolulu Marathon's full results, which previously it had kept hidden

Derek Murphy of the Marathon Investigation site has gone ahead and published a link to the full results of the Honolulu Marathon, which more than 25,000 people participated in on December 9. The results show at least 300 people missed one or more timing mats, and after a close look at finish times and splits, concluded a technology glitch was highly unlikely.

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The only way to see race results on the site is to enter the runner’s name and bib number. There is no leaderboard and no way to see runners who finished around the same time as you without knowing their names as well as bib numbers. Murphy says “It is my firm belief that they did this in response to my analysis of the 2016 marathon results,” which showed a mass cheating situation, with multiple runners cutting the course and missing timing mats.

Murphy says that hiding the results only makes it easier to cheat. “Most runners care about the accuracy of the results. Hiding split data from competitors negatively impacts the accuracy of the results.” 

So he has taken it upon himself to publish a link to the full results. If you scroll through you will see the gaps.

Why do people do it? Possibly for age group awards, or to qualify for Boston. Some don’t seem to gain anything by it, but they do it anyway. Maybe they were injured and couldn’t train, and couldn’t accept that they would be slower (and the fact that, at most races, anyone could look up their result and see how slowly they ran).

Murphy claims his only goal in making the results public is to allow honest runners who ran the full distance to see the data of their fellow-competitors.

UPDATE: MarathonInvestigation.com reports today that the Honolulu Marathon has now made public the full 2018 race results.