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Maritime Race Weekend has it all–variety, scenery, piracy

From Cowtown to Cow Bay: Maritime Race Weekend plays host to an enthusiastic group of runners from Calgary

Photo: courtesy of Shelley Brown

You may have been to some destination races, but have you ever gone as part of a group of 17, all racing in pirate gear?

That’s how many people from the Glenmore Running room in Calgary, Alta. turned up for Maritime Race Weekend in Eastern Passage, near Halifax, N.S. this weekend. And without exception, they all said they would go back in a heartbeat.

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Maritime Race Weekend has something for everyone: two 5K races (one on Friday evening, and one on Saturday morning), and a 10K, half-marathon and full marathon on Saturday, with “Tartan Twosomes” available also (the Friday evening 5K combined with another race). 

Photo: courtesy of Shelley Brown

In keeping with Maritime Race Weekend’s pirate theme, the Calgarians doffed their cowboy duds in favour of matching red-and-white-striped shirts and various other bits of pirate paraphernalia.


The four men and 13 women are mostly in their 50s and 60s, and all have taken Warren Chriasty’s half-marathon clinic. “We have gone on group races to numerous places, and we like to have matching outfits,” says Shelley Brown, one of the members of the group. In 2015 they did both Disney half-marathons (Disney World and Disneyland). Last year it was the Edge to Edge Half-Marathon in Ucluelet, on Vancouver Island.

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Do we have real pirates? Yes, in fact we do.

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But Maritime Race Weekend may take the cake. “Everybody was so friendly, and it is so beautiful here–the scenery, and the water, the sunset, the sunrise, everything was just spectacular,” says Brown. “The people are just great. We all had a great experience. Really enjoyed it.”

Here are the results of the weekend’s races:

Sunset 5K

1. Paula James 18:19
2. Erin Poirier 19:17
3. Jennie Orr 19:29

1. Matt McNeil 14:58
2. Cal Dewolfe 15:11
3. Jacob Benoit 15:45


Sunrise 5K

1. Paula James 18:35 (second overall)
2. Cheryl Smith 21:32
3. Annie Li 21:44

1. Matthew Callaghan 17:44
2. Craig Durling 18:40
3. Jordan Edsall 19:51

Coastal 10K

1. Kathryn Dean 40:23 (2nd overall)
2. Joanne Henneberry 44:11
3. Heather Lee-Callaghan 44:28

1. Matt McNeil 31:48
2. J. Ryan Chisholm 38:10
3. Daniel Quinn 40:39


Scenic Half-Marathon

1. Rayleen Hill 1:23:46 (3rd overall)
2. Meaghan Strum 1:34:55
3. Charlotte Gardiner 1:36:43

1. Michael-Lucien Bergeron 1:18:00
2. Donavon Nickerson 1:20:24
3. Glenn MacAdam 1:19:54

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Classic Marathon

1. Tanya Corbin-Riley 3:25:20
2. Charlotte Mawer 3:45:32
3. Marie-France Leblanc 3:47:46

1. Chris McNamara 2:52:32
2. Mitchell Maynard 3:05:37
3. Darrell Miousse 3:23:42