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Molly Seidel runs 34:33 10K dressed in a turkey suit

That's averaging 3:26 Ks in full costume

On Thursday, Olympic marathon qualifier Molly Seidel ran a 34:33 10K dressed as a turkey (wings and all). That’s 3:26 per kilometre, in full turkey garb. A few weeks ago she announced her goal of becoming the Fastest Known Turkey (impersonator) and accomplished her task on Thanksgiving morning. Seidel was accompanied by a few friends and family members for a small race on Cranberry Island, Maine. 

The 26-year-old has had a good year, already qualifying for the 2021 Olympics in the marathon. On top of being a future Olympian, she is an NCAA champion in the 10,000m and she owns a 2:25:13 personal best from the London Marathon.


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Seidel was participating in the 2020 Virtual Peachtree 10K, one of the most prestigious 10K races in the U.S. In order to clock the fastest time possible, Seidel will run the distance twice. Her first attempt was yesterday’s literal turkey trot and her second will come in a few days’ time, back home in Boston in typical running clothes. She predicts that she’ll shed 30 seconds when she ditches the suit. 

Seidel did confirm on Instagram that she in fact cooked a turkey, after dressing as one for her run. 

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