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VIDEO: Runners narrowly avoid mid-race collision with deer

A deer nearly collides with two cross-country runners mid-race in Pennsylvania over the weekend

Deer Cross-Country

Cross-country runners beware.

Whereas last year a group of deer slammed into runners at a cross-country race, there was another instance of a deer caught on camera mid-race. In Cochranton, Penn., two male runners are seen climbing a hill in the trails before a deer darts across the frame in a split-second.

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“I don’t think you would ever get this close to being railed by a deer in any other sport…,” Abby Anaya, who posted the video to Twitter, wrote on social media.



The two runners look back and quickly up their pace, startled by the action behind them. One Twitter account captioned a repost of the video saying “the deer has returned” in reference to last year’s viral video that garnered more than 11 million views on Facebook.

“Almost saw someone get plowed by a deer at [a cross-country race] today and some people don’t call this a sport,” another runner tweeted out in reference to the deer. “That kid had seriously good reflexes to dodge that missile,” another Twitter user posted.

Sports Illustrated, FloTrack and MileSplit tweeted out the video on Monday morning as footage begins to sweep across social media.

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