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New indoor marathon world record set at 2:17:59

A cross-country coach ran a new indoor marathon world record in New York City on Saturday

CJ Albertston is a 25-year-old cross-country coach from California who ran the new indoor marathon world record of 2:17:59 on Saturday at the Armory in New York City.

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Albertson took the record from Malcolm Richards who set it at 2:19:02 in 2018. Richards beat his own 2018 time with a 2:18:47.9 to finish as runner-up in Saturyday’s race. Albertson’s time meant that he maintained roughly 39.2 seconds per 200m, over the course of 211 laps. Even more impressive, his last lap was a 30.4 200m.

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It’s contested whether the indoor marathon produces faster or slower times than 42.2K on the roads. Indoors, the conditions are predictable and you don’t have to deal with crowds or corrals but staying engaged indoors is very difficult. The frequent turns and monotony of running more than 200 laps around a track are why times are usually slower indoors than during road marathons.

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The women’s record is held by Lindsey Scherf at 2:40:55. It was contested yesterday by Stephanie Pezzullo of Orlando who just missed the mark, finishing in 2:42:11.


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