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No Canadian 5K Championships for 2019

There will be no Canadian 5K championship this year, but a host race is actively being sought for 2020

There will be no Canadian 5K Championship this year, Athletics Canada announced yesterday. The race has been held in Toronto as part of Bang & Olufsen’s Yorkville Run, every September, for the past four years. Athletics Canada is currently seeking a host for next year’s championship.

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The current Canadian 5K champions are Ben Flanagan and Natasha Wodak. Flanagan set a new record at this event, also his first national title, in 2018.

The 5K is one of Athletics Canada’s four championship road events, the others being the 10K, half-marathon and marathon championships.

Established mass-participation 5K races that are sanctioned and certified by their provincial branch of Athletics Canada and are interested in hosting the championship should have facilities for doping control, medical staff and meetings, transportation and technical capacity and prize money appropriate for a national championship. More information is available on the Athletics Canada site.

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