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One lucky winner at this race gets a personal, VIP porta-potty

The ultimate incentive: One lucky entrant to the Twin Cities Marathon will win exclusive access to a porta-potty reserved just for them.


Often races have certain incentives for participants to sign up well in advance of race day, sometimes in the form of discounts, technical shirts, stickers and other branded goods.

The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis has a different kind of incentive for racers who sign up before Feb. 9, 2016. Competitors are entered into a draw to win an exclusive porta-potty for the race.

No more waiting in lines to relieve yourself before the race.

Race organizers describe the grand prize as: “One lucky registrant will win our grand prize VIP package containing a personal porta-potty at the start line reserved exclusively for you and your friends and two tickets to the VIP tent at the finish line.”

If you’re feeling generous, you can allow friends to use the porta-potty or you can simply hog the rest station entirely.

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The race goes off on Sunday, Oct. 9 and registration is USD$105, a cheaper option for most Canadians in comparison to other big fall races including the Chicago Marathon and the TCS New York City Marathon.