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Pan Am Games tickets slow, certain sessions nearly sold


The upcoming Pan Am Games in Toronto are having a rough go in recent weeks, with most of the talk surrounding them in the city more focused on how city residents will get around, though some track and field sessions are slowly approaching sellout crowds.

Teddy Katz, the director of media relations for the Games, told The Canadian Press this week that 400,000 of the 1.4 million (about 29 per cent) available tickets have been sold – not an impressive number – but that events such as major Games often experience surges in sales in the weeks before events. In the track and field events though, most days aren’t far from sold out, so the sport isn’t fairing as baldly.

Most medal sessions are well beyond 50 per cent sold, and tickets to see headlining events are nearly sold-out. There are only a handful of tickets remaining for the final session, the evening of Saturday July 25 at the York stadium where the races will be held. The session will showcase the women’s 1,500m final, the men’s 5,000m final and all the relay finals.

Another of the headlining sessions, the evening of July 22, when the 100m finals will be held, is nearly sold out, with the only remaining tickets far from the finish.

For those more interested in road racing, there are plenty of general admission tickets remaining for the men’s and women’s marathon races, though most of the course will also be open to the public to watch for free. The women’s marathon will be held July 18. The men’s will be July 25.