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Irish man runs 4:17 mile across glacier in Antarctica

Paul Robinson, in freezing conditions and on ice, covers a point-to-point mile in 4:17 in late November

Paul Robinson


Ireland’s Paul Robinson, racing across Union Glacier in Antarctica, clocked 4:17.9 for one-mile (1,609m), a continental record, on Nov. 25. The race was held in conjunction with the Antarctica Ice Marathon.

The 26-year-old professional runner has a lifetime best in the mile of 3:54.77. The mile was point-to-point and measured using GPS satellite.

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Wearing long tights, a long-sleeve shirt with a singlet over top, gloves, a hat, sunglasses and white Nike Zoom Victory spikes, Robinson dashed across the ice with a drone following overhead capturing stunning footage. To make things tougher, it was a time trial as Robinson was solo.

According to The42, it took Robinson approximately 24 hours of travel – across three days – to get to Antarctica ahead of the race.

The temperature was approximately -20 C. The footing made the mile particularly difficult. “The snow was such that my foot was sinking two or three inches into it when I wore spikes,” he says.