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Pauls Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope 2018 results

Some excellent times were posted in a fantastic weekend of races in Hamilton, Ont.


It was a perfect day for a marathon in Hamilton, Ont. this morning as hundreds of runners took part in the Pauls Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope races, after a chillier day yesterday for the 5K, 10K and 15K races. A number of participants, as you’ll see, raced both days, achieving some awesome times.

New this year, the Hammer the Hammer Challenge involves running the 5K and the 10K Saturday, and the full marathon Sunday. And the Run the Hammer Challenge involves running the 5K and 10K on Saturday and the half-marathon on Sunday.

A net downhill point-to-point course, the marathon is considered one of the fastest Boston qualifying courses in Canada. Though registration for Boston 2019 is now closed, those who ran a qualifying time may apply for entry in 2020.

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Reid Coolsaet won the 10K in 2017. Photo: Facebook

Here are the top results:

Grantek full marathon



Matt McWilliams          2:24:04
Bonsa Gonfa                  2:29:27
David Savard Gagnon  2:32:19


Lynda Gingras               2:54:16
Rachel Humphreys       2:54:16
America Aznar               3:05:59

Wes Pauls, Mortgage Teacher Half-Marathon


Manasses Kemei            1:10:40
Robert Brouillette         1:14:07
Matthew Lozano            1:14:22


Allison (Ali) Drynan     1:18:29
Boneshi Woldegorgis   1:19:36
Kerri Labrecque            1:20:53

Hammer the Hammer 57.2K


Ryan Niclasen                4:07:21
Geoff Werstuck              4:25:26
Leandro Morales            4:29:16


Jeanette Thompson       5:00:12
Lorraine Gavloski           5:03:31
Sarah Walsh                     5:20:23

Run the Hammer 36.34K


Dillon Burgess                 2:20:57
Michael Mathews           2:39:49
David Baggs                    2:43:46

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All pumped for our 10k!

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Michelle Head                2:48:24
Meaghan St. John         2:54:24
Amy Pavletic                   2:59:08

Saturday races

Dalton Timmis Insurance 5K


Matthew Napier              15:31
Rya Were                          15:34
Jacob Yeomans                15:36


Victoria Coates                 16:53
Miranda Thompson        17:09
Jenna Westaway              17:16

Stoked Oats 10K


Duncan Hartwick           31:42
Evan Ubene                     32:14
Ryan Tyrrell                    32:51


Anne-Catherine Bernard 36:05
Amy Harkness                    36:15
Katrina Allison                   36:23

Hammer the Hammer 15K 


Ryan Niclasen                59:10
Leandro Morales        1:00:15
John Hilbing               1:01:08


Sarah Walsh                1:14:21
Nicole McGraw           1:18:31
Jeanette Thompson   1:19:00

Run the Hammer 15K (Obstacle)


Dillon Burgess               57:24
Michael Mathews      1:03:07
Ted Johnson              1:06:05


Michelle Head           1:07:45
Meaghan St. John    1:10:15
Amy Pavletic             1:10:18