Highway to McDonald's
The crown jewel of the event, the Boyd Cup.

While a beer mile at Queen’s University, based in Kingston, Ont., is widely considered an annual tradition among the school’s runners, there’s another challenge that just hit its eighth anniversary.

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The running and burger challenge known as Highway to McDonald’s involves running 4K to the fast food chain, consuming a double Big Mac, large fries, and a large drink followed by the return trip. The food is pre-ordered for minimal time wasted at the restaurant.

The most recent edition of the event took place on Saturday in downtown Kingston.

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This year’s title went to a group of runners from Hamilton, Ont.-based McMaster University after Queen’s runners held the Boyd Cup, the event’s trophy, for two years.

A gallery of the photos can be seen below (click to enlarge and toggle left or right). Photos: Caela Fenton.

Judging by the below results, tweeted out by the Canadian beer mile team, the winner of the event was Gabriel Ghiglione followed by Andrew Beardsall, both finishing the 8K run and Big Mac meal under 30 minutes. Erin O’Higgins was the top female.

A few of the McDonald’s employees had a good laugh as athletes trickled in before making their way back to downtown Kingston.

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