Phrases you dare not utter to a runner a week before race day

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Those race dates that once seemed far out are approaching. We’re at that point where runners have put the majority of the work in already. Runners already have their own pre-race jitters. Don’t make it worse by asking them about their workouts, mileage or reminding them about their finicky knee.

If you say any of these things to a runner a week before race day, you’re sort of like that person who last-minute quizzes the university student heading off to their exam. Or you’re like that person who reminds your friend of that important thing that should be in their luggage when you’re already on the plane. It’s too late. If you’re trying to support a runner, do them a favour and never say these things within a week of their race.

1. Have you looked up the times of all your competition yet?

No but now I might. And then I’ll get worked up about how fast they are. Thanks.

2. You should try this interval workout. It’s supposed to knock minutes off your time.

Yeah that would have been useful weeks ago…

3. Do you think you put in enough mileage during your long runs?

Well I really hope so. That was the goal. Now I’m calculating my mileage. Did I do enough?

4. Do you think that injury has healed enough to race?

Yes. It has. I’m trying not to think negative about that injury.

5. Has the knee/ ankle/ IT band given you any issues yet this year?

YET? Not yet. Let’s hope that doesn’t become an issue next week.

6. I hear that ______ is racing. How do your times compare?

OMG I didn’t know he/ she was racing. Nervous now. Thanks man.

7. You’ve probably bounced back from that week you took off for sickness right?

My worry exactly. But yes, I did put in my work after that illness.

8. Are you as fit as last year?

I think so?

9. The winter was tough. Will it impact your time?


10. Aren’t your shoes a little worn out for race day?

I’m not testing out new sneakers now so they’ll have to do.

11. Remember that chafe disaster you had last year?

Was trying to never think about it ever again. Especially as race day got closer.

12. Do you think you’ve done enough interval workouts to have you ready?

I just broke into a cold sweat. Maybe I could have done more. No, I did the work. OK I’m sure. Don’t ask this again. Ever.

13. You must have cut out all the bad food/ beer this winter.

I didn’t. I ate mostly healthy though… Should I have eaten better?

14. I hear that hill is really bad. You ready?

Dreading that hill.

15. Oh you’re running ______?! That’s brave, it’s a tough one!

Trying to think positive. Could it really be that bad? Is there something I don’t know?