Guillaume Savard runs the 2017 SSQ Quebec City Marathon. Photo: Savard

The Quebec City Marathon has just moved its date from the end of August to the fall. Going forward, it’s going to run in October. The 2018 date is going to be Oct. 12 -14. 

This decision, announced this week, was made by Quebec City working with its various partners in tourism and sports. Switching the date will not only mean that it’ll be a little less stifling and sweaty on the course, but it also means that runners will flock to the city during a time when it’s not crowded during peak tourism season. This would mean that the city is less jam-packed for exploring post-race for runners. 

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However, it also means that for those runners who treated it as a last-chance-for-Boston race, that’s no longer going to be the case. With the date in August, it was still ahead of registration in September. That last chance for a BQ was a big detail associated with this race. Others are wondering if it’ll be too close to another of the province’s main marathons: Montreal. (That race runs in the middle of September). 

One thing is for sure though: August isn’t exactly race season in Canada and runners who challenge themselves to one of the weekend’s race distances are less likely to face a sweltering heat wave. 

The course of the marathon will also see some changes however those will not be made public until December. 


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