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Andre De Grasse and Usain Bolt’s bromance is real

In case you haven't noticed, there's a major #bromance going on in Rio...

In case you somehow missed it, two of the fastest men in the world, Andre De Grasse and Usain Bolt, have a serious bromance going on. Bolt is coming off his big win yesterday. He didn’t disappoint his fans as he took the title in the 100m for the third consecutive time. De Grasse, the 21-year-old sprinting star of Canada chased after him to run a personal best of 9.91 seconds in the distance and take home a bronze.

This happened right after an unexpected and jaw dropping new record was set in the 400m when South African star Wayde van Niekerk ran 43.03– even breaking 10 seconds in the final 100m.

Needless, the say, it was an incredible night on the track. In the mass of blazing fast times from Rio, yet another story came through to add to the stream of exciting plot lines that are coming out of the track portion of this Olympics. And that is the bromance between De Grasse and Bolt. The two have such a friendly connection despite the fact that they are facing each other in one of the most competitive environments in track. This is particularly heartwarming considering that oftentimes, you see nothing more than a respectful and polite rivalry in one of the most highlighted events of the Games.

We’re calling it a bromance, we’re not the only ones, and it’s awesome. And by now, numerous commentators have also called it “the little brother, big brother” relationship. Likely, Bolt knows that early in his career, the young De Grasse is quickly rising to the top and will soon take the title.

If you don’t believe us, check out how real this bromance is.

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In case you missed it, here’s what @usainbolt had to say about @de6rasse after the 100m final at #Rio2016

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