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Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series sees significant changes on the horizon

Everyone's favourite block party/ running race hybrid has been undergoing some significant changes

Kathrine Switzer
Kathrine Switzer
Photo: Michael Doyle.

Everyone’s favourite running-themed block party is undergoing some pretty neat changes. 

First off, if the buzz around Kathrine Switzer’s 50-year Boston Marathon anniversary caught your attention, you’ll be pleased to know that her organization, 261 Fearless, is linking up with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series and Humana Inc. The organization, which aims to empower women through sport, has become the new official charity of the series’ races in Chicago and San Antonio. The Chicago Half-Marathon is set the run on the weekend of July 15th. Meanwhile the party starts in San Antonio on Dec. 2. 

Kathrine Switzer has made a name for herself after she famously become the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon with an official bib in 1967 despite the fact that women were not granted entry. She will be headlining and hosting both Rock ‘n’ Roll events. 

That surely will not be anything new for the 70-year-old running icon. Switzer’s story was plastered all over mainstream media when she ran the Boston Marathon on her 50th anniversary last month. 

With this partnership, 261 Fearless will receive funding to allow lower income women to participate in events and join in with the organization’s training program. 


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That’s not the only news for the race series which has been in existence for over 20 years with events located around the world. 

As reported last week by The New York TimesChinese company Dalian Wanda owned by Wang Jianlin has just added Rock ‘n’ Roll to its roster. 

The company has been making strong moves to get into the sports industry. Being a major name associated in the world of sports is a new goal for the Chinese billionaire and not one that has been taken lightly. The company has been making bold moves since buying Ironman– a staple in the triathlon world– in 2015. Since then, they haven’t shown signs of slowing down.

The group also agreed to sponsor the Abbott World Marathons Majors earlier this year. With that news came murmurings of a new Marathon Major race to take in China.