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Run a marathon to help Canada win the Salomon Running League

Run the total distance of a marathon by June 13 and push the Canadian team closer to the win

Salomon has created a new Strava challenge for runners in 16 countries around the world. The Salomon Running League began on May 17 and runs until June 13, and it pits runners from the different countries against one another. The challenge is simple: run 42.2K before the end of the four-week window to help boost the total mileage for Canada (or whichever country you’re from). Each participating country is linked to a charity, and the winning team will earn a $22,000 donation for its chosen cause. 

The Running League 

To compete in the Salomon Running League, simply head to Strava and join the Canadian team. The key with the virtual event is that you don’t have to run a marathon in one shot. Instead, participants are tasked with hitting 42.2K by the end of the challenge. This makes the event much more accessible, since not everyone would be up for running a full marathon. In addition to outdoor runs, treadmill runs and wheelchair workouts will count toward your mileage grand total. 

For anyone who will fly through 42.2K in no time, your role in the challenge won’t end after you hit the marathon finish line. Every kilometre you run past 42K will count for Team Canada as well, helping make a push for the win. 

Charity and draw 

The Canadian team is running in support of Trails Youth Initiative, an organization that works to “challenge, equip and empower vulnerable youth from at-risk areas to become contributing members of the community.” The charity supports local youth by getting them engaged in outdoor learning, where they gain leadership and conflict resolution skills, as well as boosts in mental and physical wellness

On top of the charity part of the competition, everyone who completes the challenge will get a voucher for 20 per cent off on the Salomon website, and you will be entered for a chance to win the company’s newest collection of running gear. To learn more about the Salomon Running League and to enter the challenge, click here