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Runner doesn’t hear false start, finishes Monaco 400m race

Three of eight runners didn't hear the false start in the Monaco Diamond League 400m

Jonathan Jones didn’t hear the false start in the men’s 400m at the Monaco Diamond League. Jones, who’s only 20 years old, came into the meet with a 44.64 personal best but didn’t end up receiving an official time.

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The gun went in the men’s 400m and a false start was called but the three men in the outer three lanes kept running. The runners in lane six and eight ran until about 200m and lane seven, Jones, went all the way to the finish line. Kahmari Montgomery triggered the false start but ultimately wasn’t thrown out.

Jones was surprised when he crossed the line to find the rest of his competitors still at the start. He didn’t restart the race. Steven Gardiner of the Bahamas took the win in 44.51.

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Sydney McLaughlin opened the meet just minutes before with a world leading run in the 400m hurdles. The 19-year-old runner ran a 53.32, well ahead of second place runner Ashley Spencer in 54.46.