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Run-through wedding at Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon

Thousands of runners took to the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday evening for the Toyota Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon and half-marathon. Some even got married

What’s cooler than getting married in Las Vegas? Getting married while running a race in Las Vegas. Forty thousand runners got a chance to enjoy the Las Vegas Strip in all its tacky nighttime glory at Sunday’s Toyota Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon, which has been going since 1967, and they could even participate in a mass wedding, getting married or renewing their vows at the run-through wedding staged by Michelob Ultra. Couples could sign up in advance or at the expo, and were instructed to show up at The Park, a dining and entertainment complex at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Park Avenue, about six and a half kilometres into the race, at 5:50 p.m. local time. 

Forty thousand runners, many of them decked out in costume, started and finished in the busiest part of the Strip on Sunday evening, passing all the major hotels and landmarks. And if anyone was thinking about the events of a little over a year ago, when a gunman in the Mandalay Bay hotel opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers on the strip, you certainly wouldn’t know it from the joy and excitement displayed in social media posts following Sunday’s festivities. 



Hannah Mcinturff won the marathon in 3:07:24. Katherine Sargeant was second, in 3:12:25, and Jessica Sams was third, in 3:12:28.

In the men’s race, Thomas Puzey was first, in 2:25:53. Chris Dunmire was second, in 2:30:45 and Yonatan Abebe was third, in 2:36:27.

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In the half-marathon, Kellyn Taylor found the silver lining in the cancellation of the Monterey Bay Half Marathon yesterday by flying to Las Vegas and running there instead. Taylor (who is listed in the race results incorrectly as Taylor Kelly) won the half with a time of 1:10:14, a new personal best for her. Bridget Belyeu was second, in 1:12:29.  Ellie Abrahamson was third, in 1:13:07.

In the men’s half-marathon, Wilkerson Given was first, in 1:02:48. Matt Mcdonald was second, in 1:04:54. Jeffrey Eggleston was third, in 1:05:05.

This year the race also featured the first-ever Brooks Beasts Desert Throwdown Professional 1 Mile Invitational, which was won by Edward Cheserek in 4:01. Emily Lipari won the women’s race, in 4:37. Abraham Alvarado was second, in 4:02, and Brannon Kidder was third. Katie Mackey was second in the women’s mile, with a time of 4:38. Rachel Schneider was third (also in 4:38).

Cheserek is a 17-time NCAA champion and the second-fastest indoor miler in history, at 3:49.44.


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