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Runners return to in-person racing at Fredericton and Manitoba Marathons

Two major Canadian races hosted their first in-person events this past weekend since 2019

Photo by: Stephen MacGillivray

Runners flooded the streets of Fredericton and Winnipeg this past weekend, eager to return to racing after almost two years of cancellations. Both races were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, and this year’s races moved to the fall from the earlier race dates in May/June.

The Fredericton Marathon was split over three days, with the full and half marathon taking place on Sunday, to avoid mass gatherings at the start and finish line. The marathon attracted many runners from across Canada, hungry for a chance to experience in-person racing again.

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A few race records were broken in Fredericton as Stanley Chaisson, of P.E.I., won the men’s marathon in a time of 2:29.20, taking 22 seconds off the previous record set on the same course in 2019. Colleen Wilson, of N.S., smashed the women’s half-marathon record of 1:19:29 from 2012, in a time of 1:16:49.

“We held the first full live marathon held in New Brunswick since 2019,” race director Bruce Macfarlane says. “We had 36 per cent of all marathoners hit their Boston qualifying times.”

In 2022, the Fredericton Marathon weekend will return to the second week of May.

The Stewart Mckelvey Fredericton Marathon results:


1. Stanley Chaisson (2:29:20) – course record

2. Dennis Mbelenzi (2:29:44)

3. Jonathan Walker (2:34:42)


1. Kaili Van Vuplen (2:57:27), Meaghan Strum (2:57:27) – tied

2. Kamilla Pinter (3:06.10)

3. Suzanne Myers (3:12:24)

The start line of Sunday’s Half and Full Marathon. Photo: Bruce Macfarlane

Egg Farmers of New Brunswick Half Marathon results:


1. Kieran Mcdonald (1:06:25), Alex Neuffer (1:06:25) – tied

2. Mohamed Aagab (1:07:28)

3. Stephane Piccinin (1:12:30)


1. Colleen Wilson (1:16:49) – course record

2. Maura Wieczorek (1:25:11)

3. Stephanie Seaward (1:28:41)


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The Manitoba Marathon usually draws around 12,000 runners to the start line. This year, they hosted 3,000 runners for the half and full marathon on Sunday.

Race organizers separated runners into five lanes at the starting line. The start was staggered, and done off-chip timing – once a buzzer would sound, five people would start to run. Runners were required to wear masks at the start, and once they crossed the finish line.

Next year, the marathon is scheduled to take place on its traditional date, Father’s Day, as it has always been in years past.

Manitoba Marathon results:


1. Brian Walker (2:29:24)

2. Thomas Sherwin (2:34:12)

3. Tanner Draward (2:38:16)


1. Nicole Walker (2:58:55)

2. Dawn Neal (3:13:55)

3. Robyn McCormick (3:18:42)


Manitoba Half Marathon results:


1. Daniel Heschuk (1:06:16)

2. Simon Berube (1:08:26)

3. Mike Wood (1:09:41)


1. Melissa Raven (1;27:37)

2. Kathryn Maslanka (1:29:13)

3. Kristjana Britton (1:31:01)