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Running around the world with inov-8

The run organized by the trail running gear company is in the final stretch of a more than 40,000K event

Photo by: Twitter/inov_8

Since Global Running Day on June 3, the British trail running and hiking gear company inov-8 has been promoting the inov-8 World Run, a virtual race around the world. This event is a collective effort to run the 25,000 miles (40,233 kilometres) around the world’s equator, and the challenge ends on June 10. With one day to go, the World Run participants have covered over 22,000 miles. The run is free to enter, and if you’re going to work out today, you might as well help inov-8 and the thousands of World Run participants get all the way around the globe.

A long way to go

The distance around the world along the equator is actually 24,901 miles (40,075 kilometres), but the inov-8 team decided to round up to 25,000. When you’ve run that far already, what’s an extra 99 miles, right? People around the world have run, walked and hiked for the past week and logged their miles on the inov-8 website, so far averaging over 3,000 miles per day. With under 3,000 miles left before “returning” to the original starting point on the equator, the goal is definitely achievable, but there’s still a long way to go, and the team will accept any help it can get, even if you’re just going for a stroll around your neighbourhood.

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Play Your Part

The inov-8 World Run is the most recent challenge organized for the company’s Play Your Part campaign, which was launched at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with the hope that it would “support, motivate and inspire” people to keep active and stay positive during these strange times that we’re all facing around the world. There have been a lot of events and activities organized by inov-8 regarding the Play Your Part campaign. The company has hosted virtual races, inov-8 created an “inspiration hub” where athletes can go to get training tips, home workouts and more, and they’ve also posted short blogs for lazy days, such as an article on favourite trail running movies. The inov-8 World Run is the current Play Your Part activity, but runners can be sure that there will be another challenge launched once this one is done, which will undoubtedly be a great way to keep busy and motivated during COVID-19.


World Run prizes

As a bonus for participating in the World Run, if you post photos or videos from your runs to social media with the hashtag #inov8worldrun, you’ll have a chance to win one of many inov-8 prizes. You’ve got to be creative, though, because “the most innovative posts will win.”