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VIDEO: Hundreds of goats and sheep join Wings for Life World Run

A massive herd of livestock joined in on the charity run in Germany.

Wings for Life World Run

Thousands of runners participated in last weekend’s Wings for Life World Run in Munich. A few hundred unexpected participants in the form of livestock decided to support the cause and make appearances.

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On May 7, as runners in Germany raised money for Wings for Life, an organization that supports spinal cord injury research, upwards of 600 goats and sheep managed to bandit a portion of the run. “We’ve now got sheep in Munich! It’s an all animal affair,” the Wings for Life World Run posted on Twitter.

Cities around the world hosted runs as part of the charity event with a unique format. Participants globally begin the race at the same time, regardless of location, and there is a synced “catcher car” that increases its speed over the course of the race. Once the “catcher car” reaches a runner, they’re eliminated. The last person remaining on course is declared the winner.

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The group of animals are believed to have slowed the “catcher car” momentarily as they blocked certain parts of the road. More than 155,000 participants raced in 58 countries as part of the run.

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