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Run these six races to earn one of the most exclusive medals in running

The Six Star Finisher Medal, which was unveiled at the Tokyo Marathon in 2016, is one of the most exclusive race prizes in the running world.

Six Star Finisher Medal

For runners who run all six of the World Marathon Majors, there’s an added bonus: an exclusive medal. 

The Abbott World Marathon Majors offers a medal to end all race medals for those who complete six of the world’s largest road races. The Six Star Finisher Medal is awarded to runners who finish the six marathons around the world in addition to their medals from each of the races.

World Marathon Majors:

– New York City
– Berlin
– Chicago
– Boston
– London
– Tokyo

According to the World Marathon Majors website:

“If you have completed the Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City Marathons from 2006 forward and the Tokyo Marathon from 2013 forward, you may obtain a personalized Six Star Finisher Certificate with a listing of your finish times from each race, and a Six Star Finisher Medal.”

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The Six Star Finisher Medal was unveiled at the conclusion of the 2016 Tokyo Marathon.

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There is a similar award for runners who complete a marathon in every U.S. state called the “50 States Marathon Club.” Markham, Ont. runner Ray Lim is part of the 50-states club and, as of May 1, has run 150 marathons in his lifetime.

Runners need to fill out a World Marathon Majors form in order to receive the coveted Six Star Finisher Medal. That link can be found here.

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