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Three-time Barkley Marathons finisher Jared Campbell is out after one loop

Campbell is one of the most accomplished finishers in Barkley history, having completed the course in three previous outings in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Photo: Brian McCurdy

Jared Campbell

Three-time Barkley Marathons finisher Jared Campbell has failed in his bid for a fourth finish at the infamous Tennessee ultra that started at 9:23 this morning. Campbell was the second person to face the bugler in Frozen Head State Park. The first was ultrarunner David Hughes

The third person to be tapped out is Canada’s Jodi Isenor.

Canadian Stephanie Case and Nicky Spinks of the UK have made it back to camp within the 12-hour cutoff.

Thirty-seven people remain on the course, in the race that started at 9:23 this morning.

Jared Campbell
Photo: Brian McCurdy

Runners must complete the first loop by 10:23 this evening to be allowed to continue.

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