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Throwback Thursday: Canadian runner mud wipe outs of the past

Ah the mud wipe outs– what an essential part of running they are. How often have you been training through mucky terrain and had that extra slippery section of mud catch you off guard? And remember that embarrassing fall you took at that one race? Your friends never let you live it down. George Aitkin has been photographing Canadian runners for decades. This Cambridge runner has been using his camera to capture runners from elementary school track meets to elites at international competition and he shares them all on his Facebook page: George Aitkin’s Photos. He’s had the pleasure of witnessing several mud-filled moments from the sidelines of races down through the years. We’re just happy he caught them on camera. For your #ThrowbackThursday this week, we are looking at mud-themed runs and races of the past. Click the image above to start the slideshow.

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