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Canadian marathons where runners are most likely to qualify for Boston

Marathonguide.com ranks the races where runners are most likely to qualify for Boston as well as the races with the most Boston qualifiers in 2017

Ottawa Marathon
Ottawa Marathon
Photo: Matt Stetson.

Where in Canada is your best shot at qualifying for the Boston Marathon?

According to Marathonguide.com, in 2017, the Road2Hope Hamilton Marathon had the highest percent of finishers qualify for Boston, a race where entrants, for the most part, must meet certain time qualifiers to be eligible to race. Meanwhile, the Ottawa Marathon had the most number of Boston qualifiers in 2017, according to Marathonguide.com.

Among the top-30 races in North America, as of Nov. 11, 2017, two Canadian races made the list of races where runners were most likely to hit a Boston Marathon-qualifying time, which varies by age and sex. The Road2Hope Hamilton Marathon is ranked 18th in 2017 with 23.2 per cent of finishers getting a BQ. The only other Canadian race in the top-30 is the Okanagan Marathon, in Kelowna, B.C., which had a 21.8 per cent qualifying rate for Boston.

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Meanwhile, when ranked by sheer number of qualifiers rather than field percentage, the Ottawa Marathon tops the list for 2017. Marathonguide.com reports that 645 runners earned Boston qualifiers at the popular May event, which ranks ninth overall in North America for the calendar year. The Toronto Waterfront Marathon (13th overall) also made the top-30 with 492 qualifiers as did the Vancouver Marathon (16th overall) with 405 qualifiers for Boston.


Most Canadian marathons have concluded for the year.

Most likely to qualify for Boston in 2017 (as of Nov. 11, 2017)

1. Last Chance BQ.2 Chicagoland Marathon: 111 Boston qualifiers – 51.6 qualifying per cent
18. Road2Hope Hamilton Marathon (November): 183 Boston qualifiers – 23.2 qualifying per cent
23. Okanagan Marathon (October): 74 Boston qualifiers – 21.8 qualifying per cent

Most Boston qualifiers in 2017 (as of Nov. 11, 2017)

1. Boston Marathon: 26,411 finishers – 7,990 BQs
9. Ottawa Marathon (May): 4,388 finishers – 645 BQs
13. Toronto Waterfront Marathon (October): 3,967 finishers – 492 BQs
16. Vancouver Marathon (May): 3,576 finishers – 405 BQs

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