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Toronto Marathon and Mississauga Marathon results roundup

On an otherwise perfect day for racing in the GTA , several hundred Toronto 5K runners were misdirected

On a perfect spring day in the Greater Toronto Area for today’s Toronto Marathon and the Mississauga Marathon, thousands of people took to the streets to celebration spring–and running.

Mississauga Marathon

At the Mississauga Marathon, David Mutai of Etobicoke, Ont. took the win in 2:27:06. Mitch Free of St. George, Ont. finished second overall (and first masters runner), in 2:35:36, and Lucas White of Toronto was third, in 2:35:54. In the women’s race, Maureen Mahoney of Ottawa was first, in 2:53:53. Beth Mountford of Toronto was second, in 2:58:10, and Breigh Gillis of Toronto was third, in 3:10:18.

For complete results, click here.

Toronto Marathon

In the Toronto Marathon, Ken Langat clocked 2:28:51 for the win. Ben Gustafson of Toronto was second, in 2:33:51, and Alex Yu of Markham was third, in 2:39:40.

In the women’s race, Dale Findlay of Toronto was first, in 2:53:58. Veronica Allen of Ottawa was second, in 3:00:05, and Brianna Cavan of Annan, Ont. was third, in 3:03:24. For complete results, click here.

Mississauga Half-Marathon

In the Mississauga Half, Benjamin Raymond of Laval, Que. was first, in 1:08:07, followed by Bonsa Gonfa in 1:08:40 for second-place, and Keenan Viney in third in 1:09:54. Among the women running the half, Gladys Tarus of Toronto was first, in 1:17:57, Emily Patton was second in 1:23:15, and Robyn Collins of Waterloo was third, in 1:24:59. For complete results, click here.


Toronto Half-Marathon

In Toronto half-marathon results, Simon Crawford of Waterloo was first across the line, in 1:12:15. Second was Manases Kemai, in 1:13:06, and Mark Chan of Mississauga was third, in 1:15:49. In the women’s race, Julie Hamulecki of Toronto was first, in 1:21:41. Kathleen Devine was second, in 1:21:55, and Katarina Mylvaganam was third, in 1:23:40. (Hamulecki holds the Canadian record in the 100K, from last year’s 100K world championships in Croatia.) For complete results, click here.

Unfortunately, there seems to have been a major mishap in the 5K at Toronto, with poorly trained volunteers misdirecting hundreds of runners who finished up well short of 5K.

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