Toronto runner collapses at Chilly Half

Scott Matheson remains in hospital in Burlington. Photo: Zoomphoto/Finisherpix Canada

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Toronto runner Scott Matheson, 60, collapsed in cardiac arrest near the finish line of the Chilly Half in Burlington, Ont. yesterday. Medical staff attended to him quickly at the finish line, and he was transported to hospital in Burlington. 

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Kevin Smith of Marathon Dynamics Inc. (Matheson’s coach) posted on Facebook that “He was rushed to Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital, where he was placed in an induced coma, in an attempt to stabilize his condition.” Smith goes on: “At the present time, we have no further updates on his condition… I know I speak for all of us when I say we are very worried for our fellow runner and friend, and fiercely hoping for his full recovery.”

Scott Matheson. Photo: Zoomphoto/Finisherpix Canada


Matheson’s wife was located, thanks to other members of the running club tracking her down, and Smith stayed at the hospital until she arrived.

We will publish updates as further information becomes available.