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Tracksmith’s Twilight 5,000m series is coming to Toronto

Whether you're stepping down in distance from a spring marathon or if the track is your focal point this year, these 5,000m races bring out the best of the community

Tracksmith Twilight Photo by: Kevin Morris

After five years of success in cities across the U.S., the Tracksmith Twilight series is coming to Toronto for two 5,000-metre nights hosted at Central Tech stadium in Harbord Village. Tracksmith invites runners of all backgrounds, experience and abilities to join in for the first Tracksmith Twilight night on Thursday, Aug. 3 and the second, a month later, on Saturday, Sept. 9.

Tracksmith Twilight
Tracksmith Twilight 5,000m in Boston. Photo: Kevin Morris

Unlike road races or invitational track meets, Tracksmith’s Twilight meets are about racing yourself and others who are around your skill level. “Our goal is to give every runner the experience of how it feels to be an elite–whether it is your first time on the track or you are a masters athlete who has run more races than you can remember. These races are for you and your running community,” the brand said on its website.

The Tracksmith Twilight began as a low-key 5K on Boston’s Charles River Esplanade five years ago, and has since grown to become an international series of meets featuring the same accessible distance and the same incredible grassroots vibe. Each race is paced races for runners of all abilities in 18 cities across the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and the U.K.

Tracksmith Twilight
Tracksmith Twilight 5,000. Photo: Kevin Morris

The purpose of these 5,000m races is to bring out the best of the running community: competition, camaraderie, and fast times under the lights. If you’re new to the 5,000m distance, it involves 12 and a half laps of a 400m track. Although 12 and a half laps may sound like a lot, the track is completely flat and fast, making it the perfect place to set a new 5K personal best.

The running brand has a special incentive for all who run a personal best at their 5,000m night. Each runner who sets a personal best will receive a commemorative Tracksmith patch, and Hare A.C. members who run a new personal best qualify for a “PR Bonus” of a $150 gift card to Tracksmith. You can learn more about Hare A.C. here.

Tracksmith Twilight
Tracksmith Twilight 5000. Photo: Kevin Morris

To find out more information about Toronto’s Tracksmith 5,000m night, or to sign up for $35, click here.

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