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Trevor Hofbauer runs Olympic standard, wins Canadian Marathon Championships

Safe to say it's the best day of Hofbauer's life so far

trevor hofbauer

Trevor Hofbauer of Calgary had the race of his life this morning to win the Canadian Marathon Championships in 2:09:51, an unbelievable seven-minute personal best, well under the Olympic standard of 2:11:30 and only seconds off Cam Levins’ Canadian marathon record of 2:09:25, set last year at this race.

Trevor Hofbauer winning 2019 Canadian Olympic Marathon Trials. Photo: Maxine Gravina

“I just wanted it,” Hofbauer said in a post-race interview. “There was an opportunity today, to make the Olympic team, and that’s why I came down here. That’s why I run. That’s why I’ve been doing everything I’ve done for the last five years, is to be in this moment… I just really, really wanted it. And I just came out here super relaxed, and I just gave it a go.”

Though Hofbauer has been the Canadian marathon champion before (he won that title in 2017 also), it’s fair to say that nobody, possibly including Hofbauer himself, expected a result quite like this. He set his last PB at the Hamburg Marathon in April, running 2:16:48, and was hoping for “a strong fall marathon,” but with all the attention on Levins for a strong performance today and other up-and-comers Evan Esselink and Rory Linkletter making exciting debuts, Hofbauer wasn’t the focus of attention on Sunday.

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Hofbauer finished seventh overall.

Tristan Woodfine finished second, also in a huge PB (2:13:16), after already setting a PB in Houston earlier this year. Levins, who had a tough day on the course, finished as third Canadian, in 2:15:01.

Here are Hofbauer’s splits from today’s race:

10K: 30:45
21.1K: 1:04:59
30K: 1:32:33
42.2K: 2:09:43

Amazingly, Hofbauer ran without a watch, explaining during the post-race press conference that he experimented with training without a watch while still in Guelph, and the habit stuck. He said his buildup was perfect, and that he did an astonishing 10 to 12 40-kilometre long runs. He also said he added more fruits and vegetables to his diet. “I love chocolate,” he confessed.

Trevor Hofbauer wins 2019 Canadian Marathon Championships. Photo: Maxine Gravina

Canadian top 10 men

1. Trevor Hofbauer 2:09:51
2. Tristan Woodfine 2:13:16
3. Cam Levins 2:15:01
4. Josh Griffiths 2:15:20
5. Reid Coolsaet 2:15:23
6. Thomas Toth 2:16:28
7. Rory Linkletter 2:16:42
8. Nick Earl 2:18:03
9. Evan Esselink 2:18:38
10. Aaron Cooper 2:19:01

More jaw-dropping info about Hofbauer is that he ran unsponsored today and is self-coached.




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