Montreal, Canada – April 29, 2016: A blue and a black balloon are floating outside at a pro Uber rally. The rally at Square Victoria, downtown Montreal, is held by drivers, clients and sympathizer of the ridesharing app.

Rosie Ruiz must be wishing she’d been born 38 years later. She could have taken an Uber to the finish line, instead of relying on public transit to cheat her way to a win.

Uber is now an official sponsor of the Boston Marathon. The BAA announced a multi-year deal with the rideshare company yesterday. Perhaps the more appropriate use of the service might be the 42.2K ride to the start line instead, which may see surge pricing on Patriot’s Day morning. Boston is famously a point-to-point course, and runners are offered a free bus ride to the start from Boston Common, but Uber still saw value in aligning themselves with one of the most celebrated marathons in the world, and the benefits to runners and spectators will be evident on marathon weekend.

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Uber will offer discounts to all marathon runners (presumably not while they’re on the course), dedicated pick-up and drop-off areas for spectators on April 16, and other perks including an “interactive fan experience” throughout race weekend in Copley Square (near the finish line area) and a lounge for runners and spectators. Some dedicated pick-up and drop-off points for spectators along the course will also feature small pop-up lounges with seating and charging stations.

Also, don’t be surprised if your running friends start driving for Uber–it may be another way for those who narrowly miss qualifying to get into the race. This year 10 lucky drivers who missed qualifying by mere seconds will be given a chance to enter, with Uber covering their registration fee. 

Hopefully, the sleuthy Marathon Investigation won’t be too busy on race day.

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