Run commuting. It’s practically a way of life for many runners. Running to and/or from work is a staple and highlight in the day and for many runners, it’s the reason why they are able to hit their targeted mileage every week or month.

Our stories we tell from the run commutes are a source of inspiration for those in the broader running community. Likely, that’s because the people who dedicate themselves to this kind of running are managing to do all– or at least a significant chunk– of their training during hours of the day where they would be just be sitting idle in a car, train or bus anyway.

“You can see the city wake up and the sun come up and it’s just a really great way to start the day,” says Emma Jenkin who runs to and from her job in downtown Toronto every day.


It was not along ago that she made the switch. Like many other runners who opt to get in their mileage this way, she says it’s a much better alternative to public transit and is a way to start the work day off on a positive note.

“It’s interesting how much more relaxed I feel in the morning having run in versus when I take the subway in. It’s really crowded and no one’s in a good mood,” says Jenkin. “When you run in, you have all the space to yourself, you have time to think listen to your favourite music or podcasts or audiobooks or nothing. It just sets you up for a really great day I think.”

Run commuting is just efficient training. It’s about turning the monotony of the morning commute into something fun– and productive.

Thinking of becoming a run commuter? Take some inspiration from our Stories from the Run Commute series or get tips from Jenkin in our video.

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