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VIDEO: Joggling tips for runners who juggle

Joggling world record-holders Michal Kapral and Gabrielle Foran show us how it's done in anticipation of the coming battle for a new joggling record at STWM on October 21

Two individuals will be chasing Michal Kapral’s joggling world record in the half-marathon at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 21: Michael Bergeron of Halifax and Graydon Snider of Montreal. 

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In Canadian Running’s exclusive new video, Kapral offers tips for how to run (and race) while juggling, along with Gabrielle Foran, who holds four women’s world joggling records.


Kapral’s record is 1:20:40. Bergeron has come within 10 seconds of that time in the past, and he says Snider is in excellent shape to break the record also. “We are both stronger and faster than two years ago when we raced in Halifax,” Bergeron told us. “I think we can both go under the current world record.”

Be sure to watch as Bergeron and Snider battle for the record on October 21. For more information on the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, click here.