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Video: What it’s like to run the Burning Man Ultramarathon

Adventure T.V. show personality Ryan Van Duzer takes us on a tour of one of the most bizarre ultras on Earth.

T.V. personality and avid runner Ryan Van Duzer has made a video of his experience at this year’s Burning Man Ultramarathon. The 50K race started at 5 a.m. during the crazy desert festival from which the ultra takes its name. This eighth edition took place on Aug. 29 in the middle of nowhere in the Nevada. The course tours the entire sprawling festival grounds before heading out into the desert at dawn and looping back a few times to make the distance. Along the way, Van Duzer encounters all sorts of odd characters from the legendarily weird Burning Man, including a woman who chases runners with a bottle of whiskey. Entry is free, but you’ve got to have a ticket to the festival to run. Oh, and according to the website, clothing is optional.