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Virtual events to celebrate Global Running Day 2021

Join the rest of the running community on June 2 by taking part in a virtual event and getting outside for a run

Wednesday is Global Running Day (GRD), and what better way to celebrate than by running a virtual event? Sure, it would be nice to be able to run an in-person race, but due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions, that’s not possible in Canada, so a virtual event will have to do. Luckily, there are plenty of virtual races set for Wednesday, so you won’t have any problem finding a way to participate in the GRD festivities. 

Virtual NYRR Global Running Day 1M

This NYRR event is the official run of GRD. This free event is one mile, and anyone interested in participating can run or walk wherever they want. Since Wednesday might not work for everyone, the run is open from June 1 to 6. Of course, while the minimum for this event is one mile, you can go as long as you want, and if you choose to run a marathon on the day, that’s great. As noted on the run signup page, it doesn’t matter how quickly you go, and the point is to simply get out and enjoy our sport with the rest of the global running community. To sign up for the event, click here.

Lululemon Global Running Day Challenge

Lululemon has a GRD event that is set to run through Strava on Wednesday. What’s great about this challenge is that it doesn’t have a set distance, so it’s accessible to everyone. Instead of a specific distance, participants in this challenge are asked to get out and move (whether that’s walking, running or pushing a wheelchair) for as long as they like. It could be 10 minutes, 10K or more — the goal is simply to be active. 

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To sign up for the event (which is free), head over to Strava. The team at Lululemon is also encouraging participants to share their GRD runs on social media so everyone involved can see one another’s efforts. 

GRD pledge 

The GRD team also has a pledge you can sign ahead of the big day. You can select a virtual team to support (or create your own), put your name and country down and say how many miles you plan to run on GRD. Finally, you get to choose your inspiration for running. That could be a family member, an elite athlete or any number of causes. Whatever the reason, write it down and let the world know why you’re participating this GRD. It’s not a race or even an official virtual event, but you’ll be joining the global running community with this pledge. 

However you choose to celebrate GRD, we hope you have a good time. For more virtual events, check out the GRD website

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