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WATCH: Hurdler Infinite Tucker’s Superman-style dive

Kids, don't try this at home

We’ve seen finish-line dives before, but this one is definitely the best. Texas A&M’s Infinite Tucker went completely airborne at the finish line of the 400m hurdles at the SEC (Southeastern Conference) Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas yesterday, winning the event in 49.38s just ahead of his teammate, Robert Grant, who finished one-tenth of a second behind him before falling into a somersault himself.

In so doing, Tucker improved on his silver-medal finish from 2018. He said in an interview post-race, “I just gave it my all, and I felt like, diving to the finish was like me using my whole body, so I felt like I gave it my all in that race.”

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Two of Tucker and Grant’s teammates finished sixth and seventh in the race.

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Texas A&M earned four gold medals in total and 10 medals overall at the meet, the men finishing fourth with 86.5 points (23 of them from Tucker’s race), behind LSU in first (105 points), Florida in second (95 points) and Arkansas in third (91 points). The Texas A&M women finished second overall with 85 points, behind Arkansas with 139.5 points.