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WATCH: Moh Ahmed runs away from field for Canadian 5,000m record

You know how the race played out, but that doesn't mean you won't be on the edge of your seat as Ahmed sprints toward the finish

Mohammed Ahmed Photo by: Richard Lupp

On July 10, Canada’s Moh Ahmed ran one of the best races of his life, posting a 12:47.20 and smashing the Canadian and North American 5,000m records. This run vaulted him onto the top-10 all-time list for the 5,000m, and it caught the attention of the entire track world. You know how the race went down, but the video is online for you to watch all 12 minutes and 47 seconds of action. But before you watch, a warning: this clip may cause a spontaneous desire to hammer a 5K. 


Ahmed ran his record at a Bowerman Track Club intra-squad meet, lining up alongside eight of his teammates. Two thirds of the way into the race, only five runners remained, and Ahmed sat comfortably in the middle of a group that included U.S. Olympians Lopez Lomong and Evan Jager. After 3,600m of running, Ahmed and Lomong were left to duke it out one-on-one for the final few laps. With 800m to go, Ahmed started to pull away from Lomong, and he never looked back.

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Ahmed completed his penultimate lap in 11:49, and at the start of the final 400m, he had extended his lead on Lomong to seven or eight seconds. With no one to race but the clock, Ahmed sprinted down the final stretch, crossing the line 11 seconds ahead of Lomong (whose PB made him the ninth American to run sub-13 for 5,000m).  

Ahmed’s run wasn’t on the world stage or at a track in front of thousands of screaming fans, but it was still super exciting. It’s a race that you can rewatch over and over without getting tired of it, and we recommend that you do that right now. 

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