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WATCH: Runner carries competitor to 5,000m finish line at World Championships

Watch runners help each other to the finish line in the 5,000m World Championship heats

World Championships are an arena of fierce competition, but on Friday, two runners showed that it’s also about much more than winning.

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In the men’s 5,000m, runner Braima Suncar Dabo helped Jonathan Busby to the finish line in the heats. The two runners were completely spent after a gruelling 12.5 laps, and Busby could hardly walk. Dabo helped him to the finish line, and in the process still ran a personal best of 18:10.87.



The men’s 5,000m final goes on Monday at 2:20 p.m. and features Canadians Justyn Knight and Mohammed Ahmed along with all three Ingebrigtsen brothers of Norway. The youngest brother, Jakob, was briefly disqualified after the heats for a lane infraction, but was reinstated.