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Weekend marathon weather watch

Track the weather your upcoming marathons in Canada as well as the Nike sub-two-hour marathon attempt overseas in Italy.

Vancouver Marathon
Canadian Ryan Day makes the podium at the 2016 BMO Vancouver Marathon. Photo:
Michael Doyle.

It’s often said that you should avoid constantly checking the weather during race week.

Well, if you’re already reading this, then you might as well examine what kind of conditions are in store for this weekend. There are three major Canadian big-city marathons, plus the Breaking2 marathon attempt in Italy, to look forward to.

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Canadian Running will be coming to you live from Monza, Italy as well as from Vancouver. Click on each of the widgets to be redirected to Accuweather.com for additional details and the long-term forecast. Two other big-city marathons of note this weekend are Prague and Pittsburgh.

Mississauga Marathon (May 7)


BMO Vancouver Marathon (May 7)


GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon (May 7)


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