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What happened in the RunCzech Battle of the Teams?

Benson Kipruto lead his team to a first-place finish in this cross-country style team marathon

Early this morning, 32 of the world’s best runners lined up for this year’s elite-only Prague Marathon. Unlike traditional marathons, this race was a team event that saw four teams of eight runners (four men and four women) line up to compete in a cross-country style Battle of the Teams. Lead by winner Benson Kipruto of Kenya, who crossed the line in 2:10:16, Team Birell won the race with 7,152 points. Despite Purity Rionoripi winning the women’s race, it wasn’t enough to secure the win for her team, and Team Volkswagon came in second with 6, 887 points.

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Typically a wholly individual race, this unique event injected a level of excitement not seen before in the traditional marathon. Instead of the race ending after the first three runners cross the finish line, the runners who were the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth decided who would win the overall team event, keeping the race interesting right until the end. The final team standings are as follows (note: these standings only include the top 6 runners from each team, who count for points):

First place: Team Birell (7,152 points)

Benson Kipruto: 1st in 2:10:16
Kenneth Keter: 4th in 2:10:29
Wily Canchanya: 9th in 2:12:33
Guteni Shone: 19th in 2:21:46
Meseret Belete: 29th in 2:28:31
Moira Stewartova: 34th in 2:29:29

Second place: Team Volkswagon (6,887 points)

Dickson Chumba: 2nd in 2:10:26
Mengistu Zelalem: 7th in 2:11:48
Yitayal Atnafu: 8th in 2:11:58
Vit Pavlista: 15th in 2:18:28
Purity Rionorip: 17th in 2:20:14
Worknesh Mola: 41st in 2:32:37
Third Place: Team Mattoni (6,845 points)

Lencho Anbesa: 5th in 2:10:50
Kinde Atanaw: 6th in 2:11:00
Abel Kipchumba: 12th in 2:15:31
Tibor Sahajda: 14th in 2:18:23
Valary Aiyabei: 20th in 2:22:39
Betty Lempus: 23rd in 2:24:16

Fourth Place: Team Skupina CEZ (6,765 points)

Nobert Kigen: 3rd in 2:10:27
Abdi Ibrahim: 10th in 2:12:52
Thomas Kiplagat: 13th in 2:17:39
Jiří Homoláč: 16th in 2:09:08
Bedatu Hirpa: 21st in 2:22:58
Aberu Mulisa: 28th in 2:28:02

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