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What’s in my race bag: First Canadian woman in Boston, Brittany Moran

Brittany Moran

Race day comes around a lot quicker than expected sometimes. Before you know it, you’re compiling a check list of every single object that is crucial to bring on race day. We’ve been asking Canadian runners to show us what they pack in their bag.

This week, runner Brittany Moran has unpacked her race day belongings. Moran has had an incredible 2015 so far, being the first Canadian woman to finish at Boston with a time of 2:49:59. This weekend, she’s prepping to race in Calgary and says she always over-packs, thinking of the quote, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

“My high school coach drilled that into our heads so I seem to always over-pack,” she says.

Here’s what Moran brings to race day:

1. My race kit: This consists of my Stevenson Performance Running singlet, my pink sports bra and socks and, of course, some warm up gear to throw on pre-race. I recently got these Mizuno shorts that are awesome for long races. They have three pockets to hold my gels.

2. My nutrition:  Typically I bring a Clif Bar with me in case I need a last-minute bite. Then, within an hour of the race, I have a couple PowerBar gel blasts (they taste like Swedish Berries). During the race, I fuel with Clif razz and chocolate gels. They are the easiest on my stomach.

3. My shoes: This year I’ve been racing in the New Balance 1500s. They are super light to help make me feel fast and they come in great bright colours.

4. My race bib: I usually check about 10 times to make sure I have my bib on race day. This is my bib from the 2015 Boston marathon. I will keep this one forever.

5. My rehab kit: I make sure to include my stretching rope so I can do some active isolated stretching pre- and post-race. I’ve thrown a lacrosse ball in case there are any last-minute tight areas and I pack Vaseline for chaffing or cold temperatures.

6. My watch: I could not run without my Garmin. It really helps me keep my pacing in check. I recently upgraded to the Garmin Forerunner 220 and I have been loving it.

7. My phone: My training log is online so this way I can make notes post-race. I think it’s important to take note of the pros and cons of the race as soon as you get a chance. And of course I can tweet and thank the race directors.

8. A change of clothes and deodorant: The best thing after a race is freshening up and changing into clean clothes.

9. My water bottle: Hydration is key. I like to have sips of water as I warm up so I always have water with me.

10. My hat: I just recently started to wear a hat while racing but for those sunny or rainy days it can really make a difference so I always have it with me.

11. Lip balm: I hate the feeling of having chapped lips when racing so I always pack a lip balm to keep it from happening.

12. Weather specific gear:  I always struggle with deciding what to wear on race day especially when there is a chance of cold or rain so I will typically bring my sleeves and a pair of gloves with me in case I need them.