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World Championship gold medallist wipes out moments after win, Internet freaks out

The World Championships saw a dramatic fall on the track this evening.

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Well, the 100m finals is always an event that fans of the sport get super hyped up for and the women’s sprint on Sunday afternoon did not disappoint. The winner, Tori Bowie of the U.S., stole the win edging across the finish line to win by a millisecond before wiping out on the track. 

She won in 10.85 for a season’s best performance. Behind her was Marie-Josee Ta Lou of Ireland in 10.86. Third place went to Dafne Schippers with a 10.96 finish. 

For those who tuned in, it looked like Ta Lou was going to take it. Bowie however sneakily leaned across the finish line to grab the gold medal. She took a hard fall seconds after. That lean brings her to the top of the podium where she’ll be handed a nice shiny piece of gold hardwear to bring back home to the United States. 

The dramatic fall is one that never fails to captivate an audience, however the dive comes with one important lessons: always lean in to the finish line. 

Of course, fans and athletes alike had their fare share of commentary.