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Worlds medal hopeful Jakob Ingebrigtsen DQ’d from 5,000m heats

19-year-old Jakob Ingebrigtsen won't be in the 5,000m final due to a violation in the prelim

Update: After posting this story Jakob Ingebrigtsen won his appeal. He will be in the final on Monday. 

Jakob Ingebrigtsen, the youngest Ingebrigtsen sibling, was disqualified on Friday from the World Championships 5,000m heats. The runner initially qualified on place for Monday’s 5,000m final, but upon review stepped inside of the track for three paces, disqualifying him from the race. Both of his brothers, Henrik and Philip remain in the final. According to the IAAF, the Norwegian federation is appealing the decision.


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Henrik, Filip and Jakob of Norway are all phenomenal track athletes. All three have been European champions in the 1,500m (Jakob in 2018, Filip in 2016 and Henrik in 2012), among their many other accomplishments, and track fans were hoping to see the brothers tackle the final together, unfortunately this won’t be the case. The three runners train together and are coached by their father.

Ahead of the championship, one of the youngest runners in the field was seen as a serious contender for a medal, but with Jakob forced to sit out the final, a spot on the podium could open for a Canadian.

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Mohammed Ahmed
Photo: Claus Andersen

Canada’s Justyn Knight and Mohammed Ahmed are both through to Monday’s final. Both Knight and Ahmed were 2017 World Championships 5,000m finalists and are poised to be serious contenders. Ahmed became the first Canadian to run under the 13 minute barrier for the 5,000 this summer and is fresh off of a world-class pacing job for one of his Bowerman teammates.

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The men’s 5,000m final runs on Monday at 2:20 p.m. Full schedule can be found here.