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14 experiences that only Canadian runners have in winter

You know you're a Canadian runner when...

winter running

Winter running in Canada is… an experience. Canadians get a reputation for being able to tough it out even through the worst conditions. With unkind wind chills on the forecasts and snow expected on the ground from any time between November and April, there’s no wonder we get a name for ourselves. There’s perhaps no group of people who proves this to be true more so than runners do. In getting out most days, dedicated distance driven types experience all kinds of crazy winter scenarios. The below list is a collection of experiences that the Canadian winter runner knows all too well. 

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You’ve grown your very own ice beard.

(Several times.)

Adam Scotti
Photo: Adam Scotti/Instagram.

The space between your socks and your tights is the most resilient part of the body.

This tiny section of skin always seems to be exposed to the elements and is the first to get snowy. 

You get in trouble for tracking snow into the house.

Just like the dog.

Being able to feel your own face is a novelty…

And absolutely not necessary at all times. So you’ve discovered. 

… same goes for the fingers.

However waiting for the feeling to come back after is not pleasant. 

Those icy winter wipe-outs are inevitable.

It happens multiple times a year. What hurts the most is the embarrassment. 

There’s a fine line between too much and too little clothing.

In the same week you will go out without enough layers and then you’ll overcompensate and end up way too toasty. This happens no matter how long you’ve been running. 

You know you’re close to your run buddy when you’re not self conscious about your runny nose. 

Once running in sub-zero temperatures, there’s no controlling the snot stream.

Snow-adjusted paces per kilometre is actually a thing.

Try as hard as you like, running on snow-covered grounds is a completely different thing. 

Frost mascara is a real thing.

In fact, you and your run pals have an Instagram post to prove it. 

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Snowbanks should be included in obstacle course racing.

Snowbanks are the biggest obstacle you confront. Once the banks pile high enough, it’s impossible to pass others and you’ve fallen into one at least once. 

It is possible to run fast while being unable to feel your thighs.

And you’ve been seriously concerned about frostbite upon returning home. 

People have seen your windburn and asked if you went skiing for the weekend.

That’s how bad your face looked after Sunday’s long run. 

You’ve witnessed your own shoes freeze. 

It happens.