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3x3x3 dumbbell workout for runners

Jon-Erik Kawamoto takes us through three 20-minute exercise routines, and all you need is a pair of dumbbells


The July/August issue of Canadian Running Magazine has hit the newsstands and Newfoundland’s Jon-Erik Kawamoto is back with another strength workout for runners. While many of his recent workouts have featured bodyweight movements for at-home strength training, this routine features dumbbells for runners who’ve built themselves a home gym, or who’ve ventured back to their local gym as the country lifts COVID-19 restrictions. Try this workout yourself, and as always, be sure to grab yourself a print copy of the latest print edition of Canadian Running.

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Kawamoto understands there are many runners out there who’d rather be out running than spending hours in the gym, so he designed these routines to take only about 20 minutes. He has created three separate workouts featuring three exercises, and you only have to do three sets of each, hence the name 3x3x3. All you need to perform these workouts are some light to medium dumbbells, or as he says in the video, you can just use your own bodyweight, if you’re new to strength training.

Even though strength training may not be your favourite thing, Kawamoto explains in the video that it’s an important part of your training if you want to bounce back from injury, run strong and with better running economy. This, he says, will help you train for months at a time while decreasing your risk for injuries and helping you run faster and longer.

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If you’re new to strength training, Kawamoto takes you through each exercise and explains how to perform them safely and effectively. If you like this routine, be sure to check out his other videos in the Canadian Running archives, and to grab the next issue of the print magazine to see what workout he covers next.

Jon-Erik Kawamoto, MSc, CSCS, CEP, is a strength and conditioning coach, a regular contributor to Canadian Running and co-owner of JKConditioning, a personal training, nutrition and run coaching company in St. John’s, Nfld. Find out more at JKConditioning.com

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