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4 things all runners should do after a cold, rainy run

Follow these steps to warm up and recover quickly

A rainy run in July or August can be a welcome respite from the stifling heat of a summer day, but rain in November is much less pleasant. Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid a rainy run this time of year unless you opt to head indoors on a treadmill. If you’re heading out for a chilly, wet run this week, be sure to follow these steps when you get back indoors to help you warm up and recover quickly.

Three tips for running in the rain

Remove your wet clothes ASAP

The longer you leave your wet clothes on your skin, the colder you’ll get and the harder it’ll be to warm back up. As soon as you can, remove your wet clothes and put on something warm and dry. If you’re not running directly from your home, make sure you pack something dry to put on afterward and leave it somewhere out of the elements so that it’s accessible to you as soon as you get back to your starting point.

Towel off

Sometimes, even after you remove your wet clothes, your skin might still be a bit damp. Toweling off before you put your dry clothes on can go a long way at helping you warm up quickly, and will make the trip home (if you’re not already at home) much more comfortable.

Take a warm shower

As soon as you can, take a warm shower to bring your body temperature back up to normal. If you didn’t run from home and can’t hop in the shower right away, wrapping yourself in a blanket is a good substitute. Once you come out of the shower, make sure you put something warm back on to keep your body temperature where you want it.

The emotional stages of a running in the rain

Sip on something warm

You may not be as dehydrated after a cold, rainy run as you are in the summer, but you still need to take in fluids, so now’s the perfect time for a bowl of chicken or miso soup, or a mug of your favourite seasonal tea, which can help you rehydrate while also warming you up from the inside.