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5 core exercises every runner should master

These five core exercises will add more control to your running motion

Developing your core is one of the most important things you do to improve your running form. Although training your core may not be as much fun as going for a 30-minute run, the results will go a long way in preventing injuries and improving your running economy.

Five great core exercises for runners

U.S.-based physiotherapist and runner Dr. Scott Carlin explains that there are five core exercises all runners should have in their strength training routine to add more control to their running motion. Carlin says doing these exercises once or twice a week can help you run more efficiently and avoid injuries so you can get the most out of every run.

1) Banded Dead Bug 3×10-15/side

Easier: No band, no weight

Harder: Try using a heavier band and adding more weight

2) Side Plank Crunch 3×10-15/side

Easy: No crunch

Harder: Put an exercise band around your feet

Remember to keep your shin off the ground and bring your knee up to your elbow.

3) Plank with Alternating Leg Lift 3×30-60sec

Easy: No band or leg lift

Harder: Put weight on your back

Keep your legs in a straight motion and hips square to engage your core.

4) Tall Plank Drag 3×10-15 reps/side

Easy: No weight or drag over

Harder: Try using a heavier weight

Remember to stay long and keep your back straight and hips square.

5) Straight Leg Dead Bug 3×10-15 reps/side

Easy: Bend your knees

Harder: Hold weights in your hands

Try to push your lower back against the floor to keep your core engaged. Make sure to stay long with your arms and legs fully extended.

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